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Fuel Delivery For Business

 October 21, 2019

Fuel delivery is a good business as we know that most businesses will use fuel to run their business. Almost every vehicle is using fuel as its source of energy, starting from a motorcycle, car, minibus, public transport, trucks, even ship, plane, and heavy-duty vehicle. Since it is widely used, there are a lot of businesses that engaged in this fuel delivery business. Furthermore, fuel also has a lot of demand for many sectors, either it is for transportation, industrial, even for machinery. Therefore, if you are engaged in a fuel delivery business, you have a big opportunity to improve your businesses.

There are many forms of fuel delivery business. Right now, Gojek is developing a fuel delivery order through their apps system so that more and more people can fulfill their demand of fuel easier. If you are in the bigger scale, you might think of having a fuel delivery business not for individual or company, but for a nation instead. In the case of a large scale fuel distribution, a vessel will be the most appropriate asset that you need to run your business.

There are several types of vessels that you need to understand before entering a fuel delivery business. First, you have what so-called a tanker as the type of vessel that can bring a liquid cargo in huge amount at the same time. Tanker is having a size from 3000 tons to the biggest tanker in the world which is Seawise Giant which can carry up to 650,000 plus tons of liquid cargo. This vessel is made for an ocean-going vessel because it carries heavy liquid cargo thus having a deep level of draft design. If you have a very large scale business of fule delivery, you might want to consider to invest in this kind of vessel. However, you must understand that this vessel need a proper port to berth and not every port is an appropriate port for a tanker, especially for a big tanker.

Second, you have a tanker in a small size which usually called a self-propelled oil barge (SPOB). This vessel was made with a shallow draft level so that she could operate in a river. Furthermore, most of the shipping companies which do a fuel delivery uses this vessel to distribute the fuel from a tanker to the remote area which do not have an enough level a draft for a tanker. Therefore, you can always find this type of vessel in a developing countries, mostly in an archipelago countries. When your market is a country which has low infrastructure for land transportation, this vessel might be very suitable for your fuel delivery business.

Third, you have what we called an oil barge. Most people called her a dumb barge because it does not have a propulsion to move by itself. The use of this vessel is almost similar with a self-propelled oil barge, however, in most cases, oil barge can carry more liquid cargo compared to SPOB. Furthermore, the price to purchase an oil barge is cheaper than SPOB because it does not have any engine. To move an oil barge, you will need a tug boat to pull or push the vessel so that you could deliver the fuel to the destination.

You do not have to worry about the electric technology as a substitution of fuel usage. Even though electric car technology has begun to enter the market, the technology is only being used in a developed country. For Indonesia itself, the technology just enter this year and the price is still too expensive for Indonesia market. Most important thing is fuel has its own market in Indonesia and its position is still irreplaceable. In Addition, there are countries that are relying on their income from fuel and oil export. For instance, fuel delivery is a good business even up to the next 15 or 20 years.

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