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Building your ships with quality, technology and confidence...


Passion for product & serving quality since 1991

Ratson Shipbuilding has come a long way since the year of 1991. Starting as an industrial trading company, the company evolves to become a shipbuilding factory specializing in Landing Craft Tank, Micro Tankers and other boats. Since then, Ratson has consistently performed high standards shipbuilding services. Supported with the professional naval architect, Ratson serve each customer with great design and calculation. The journey forward requires efficiency, environmentally friendly technology, and commitment to quality, these matters have been the focus for Ratson Shipbuilding on building each vessel and boats to all our customers.

For more than 10 years Ratson shipbuilding has been a leading shipbuilding factory in Indonesia. Each day we're more advanced and expert on shipbuilding. Ratson will be your best choice for shipbuilding in Indonesia. We built all types of Landing Craft Tank, Offshore Supply Vessels, Tankers, and Ferry with all modification needed. Now, as the world has known Ratson for its' solidly built vessels, we're still ahead when it comes to competitive - reasonable price that delivers on time and on to the budget, especially when it comes to design and precise calculation.


Safety & perfection above all

Ratson Shipbuilding commitment is all about designing & building most efficient, cross-functional and environmentally friendly Landing Craft Tank, Oil Tanker, Ferry and Tug Boats.

In shipbuilding industry, experience does count! Therefore we will prove every word of our commitment to you.

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To maintain our quality, we equip our facility with the latest fabrication technology and testing tools. We use the efficient Mig welding and Plasma cutting machine for precise and quality results on weldings. We use sandblasted marine plates, marine equipment, and we use the best certified technician also the best naval architects supported by the most accurate equipments and data.

Our ships are superior when it comes to quality of paintings, materials, chasis constructions and designs. Our ships' engine stands on a thick plate for solid foundation and our chasises are installed with rubber mounts, as well as the engine, coupling and exhaust, to hold vibrations when operated. We perform certification test with vacuum and ultra sound test. We're happy to help our customer with extended service to help solve problems and we will be commited to quality and flexibility.

Our Shipyard Philosophy

Each vessel shares our passion for quality and perfection

There are no big or small project and there are no high or low priority classification in Ratson shipbuilding facility. Whether you’re building 350 or 1500 ton capacity Landing Craft Tank (LCT) our quality procedure will be at the very strict and we do not tolerate any flaw. With shipbuilding standards that comply with IACS and reasonable pricing, our main market target are Governments as well as the reputable private company who pursue quality of their product above all.


To be a reputable shipbuilding factory in Asia Pacific, specializing in Landing Craft Tanks, Ferries, Tankers and bigger ships in the future, serving worldwide and known for its’ quality ships.


To put forward shipbuilding quality that complies with IACS standards and to bring extra mile service as our standard operating procedure. We will let our work speak for itself and let the world know that Ratson quality is more than what’s expected.