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Ratson is here to provide you with more information regarding the manufacturing of Landing Craft Tanks, Ferrys, Tug Boats, Tankers, and more.


Jl. Bung Tomo Gg. 01, RT 001 Kel. Baqa
Kec. Samarinda Seberang, Samarinda - Indonesia

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Jl. Kahuripan No. 7
Surabaya 60265, Jawa Timur - Indonesia.
Phone. (+62) 31 5677256
Skype ID. ratson shipbuilding

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Ratson is the leading manufacturer of Landing Craft Tank, Ferry, Tug Boat, Tanker and many other purpose ships, trusted by more than 100 clients world wide. Find out how Ratson can present insights and workflows of the shipbuilding, and discuss your ship building project, so you can get much clearer vision. Fill out the form below and ask Ratson marketing staff how we can help: