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How To Buy a Ship

 September 25, 2018

RATSON is one of the shipping problem's Doctor. This articles will help you to know how to buy a ship that will really solve your problem. Different from other shipyards, RATSON aim to help companies or individuals solving their problem by having the most suitable vessel for their business. As what you know. RATSON specialized themselves in the market of shallow water draft vessels such as landing craft tank, self-propelled oil barge, ferry, and its variation. RATSON will surely help you solve your problem when you have a shipping problem especially a problem which can be solved by having a shallow water draft vessel.

How to buy a ship, a second-hand vessel. There are several things that need to be considered when choosing the fleet to be purchased especially when it comes to the used vessel. First, you need to know the type of vessel that you need to solve your problem, is it a landing craft tank, tanker, SPOB, ferry, or maybe bulk carrier, crew boat, or other types of vessel. Second, you need to ensure the spec of the vessel is match with the specification that you are looking for. Not only about the engine and stuff, but also classification as well. Classification of the vessel helps you to understand which standard applied in building that vessel. Furthermore, the classification also determines whether the vessel can or cannot be used in your country. Third, ensure the price is within your budget allocation. Fourth, do the inspection to see the actual condition of the vessel as well as the completeness of the document. Check the last special survey and docking schedule. Do the comparison of between the price and the actual condition of the vessel. Fifth, choose the payment system that is workable and comfortable, for example, letter of credit. This is the way of how to buy a ship, especially for a used ship.

Order a new building vessel will have different steps. One of the advantage in building a new vessel is to get the special design specifically to fulfill your needs to solve your problem. Therefore, the first thing to do is to get the best suitable design for your vessel. RATSON provides a free consultation as well as preliminary GA. With this, you can assess and choose the most suitable vessel for you from the available options. After finished with the design of the vessel, the second step is to ensure the classification as well as the specification offered by the shipyards. Third, the price offered and payment terms. This matter needs to be solved before doing the inspection. Different from other products, purchasing a vessel cannot include hard negotiation. In RATSON cases, negotiation can only happen with the additional or the reduction in the specification. Then, the fourth step is to ensure the contract. Every detail needs to be written on a paper when dealing with vessel sale and purchase. Ensure both parties is save and willingly to take the available risk and benefit for example the termination of the contract, warranty claim, and other technical issues that need to be solved at the beginning of the deal. this is how to buy a ship in the case of new building purchase.

RATSON is ready to help. Starting with a shipbroking business to owning a shipyard, RATSON has a lot of experience in the maritime business especially in the world of sale and purchase vessel. RATSON might not always be the perfect partner for you to provide the most suitable vessel for you, however, in the case of how to buy a ship, RATSON would love to help you from the consultation as well as designing the preliminary GA for you. If your problem is beyond RATSON capabilities, RATSON will give you contacts that might be able to help you solve your problem. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss how to buy a ship or how to solve your problem. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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