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Keep in Touch with RATSON!

 September 24, 2018

Who needs to keep in touch with RATSON? First of all, thank you for being interested in RATSON. There are two parties that might need to stay in touch with RATSON or maybe three. First, clients or potential clients. People who are planning to buy or already bought a vessel will most likely do their second purchase. Furthermore, the more satisfied the clients with the vessel that they purchased, the bigger the chance they will buy the vessel from the same shipyard. Second, mediator or shipbroker. Shipbroker has a lot of contacts of the potential buyer, and it is their big advantage that any shipyards would need. However, having a potential buyer won't help them to earn money without any vessel to be sold. That's why shipbroker needs to keep in touch with RATSON to see what are the current projects as well as to see any available vessel to be sold. Third, people who want to learn further about the maritime world. RATSON is one of the few shipyards that want to help people understand more about the vessel and maritime world. RATSON includes the explanation about a vessel, ship classification, flag statutory, and any insight about the maritime world through its articles and website. These are the 3 parties that might need to keep in touch with RATSON.

Why should we keep in touch with RATSON? Starting with being a shipbroker to own a shipyard, RATSON has a lot of experience in the maritime industry. RATSON loves to shares information related to the maritime world through its website. Since RATSON is specialized in shallow water draft vessel, you could always make yourself updated with the data that RATSON has about the available vessel, as well as the type of vessel that you could order from RATSON. Furthermore, in 2019, RATSON plan to add more value to the marketplace by giving a free consultation about the vessel that you might need as well as designing the preliminary general arrangement to help you solve your problem. Moreover, you could find so many information about the maritime world in the info center page. In that page, RATSON tries to elaborate the function of each vessel as brief as possible. Not just that, RATSON also write an article every single day to answer more question and bring in some insight to the reader. Last but not lease, RATSON has what it takes to help you solve your problem, even though RATSON will not always be the best partner for you, RATSON could always give you some insight or any information on how to solve your problem or who might be able to help you solve your problem.

How to keep in touch with RATSON? Easy and simple, you could find us almost everywhere in social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business, and RATSON website, you could always find us through those platforms. In the future, RATSON will also be available on Youtube. If you want to be closely related with us you could always include your email to our circular email to makes you updated the vessel that is available to be purchased through RATSON as well as RATSON current project. You could just email us at or you could visit our website at contact us page and fill out the form. Else, you could always put your inquiry in any of our social media platforms, we will certainly check every message that you sent to us. Furthermore, if you are interested in one of our vessel you could always click the "inquire product" button to let us know about it. We will surely follow you up about your inquiry.

When do I need to keep in touch with RATSON? There is no better answer than "Right NOW". Learn more about RATSON, subscribe, and get more insight about the maritime world in Let's keep in touch.

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