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Landing Craft Tank and Logistics Company

 September 14, 2018

The logistics company is identical with delivery and provider of needs. The logistics company is engaged in a business to deliver or connecting the supplier or point of origin and the consumer who consume the products. They help to manage the flow of the things between those two is the main job of the logistics company. Supply chain management will be one of the mastery that you need to have to join the logistics company.

There are so many things covered in logistics. The things that being managed cover physical item as well as the intangible item. Physical items include food, material, animal, equipment, and other liquid or solid cargo. While the intangible item includes time, information, and many others. Furthermore, the logistics company also handle the transportation, warehousing, materials handling, up to production, packaging, inventory, and security.

Talking about providing supply to consumers is not only talking about the availability of the products or services, but also the time in delivering and replenish the stock. This is where the logistics company purchasing an asset to be able to deliver either by land, by air, or by sea. Each option has their own benefit. Truck or car can be used effectively in delivering a small number of products or cargo within 1 town. However, if it is talking about delivering out of town or even country, the options of delivering by air and sea might be more suitable. Delivering by air will take less time to arrive at the destination, however, the cost will be relatively higher and the number of products is limited compared to by sea. On the other hand, delivering through the sea will take more time, but the cost delivery will be very low because a vessel has a much larger capacity than an airplane.

Landing craft tank is part of the options to deliver faster to the area that is hard to access. Landing craft tank can help logistics company to deliver their goods within the island, especially to an island that is low infrastructure and having a shallow water level. Furthermore, landing craft tank can carry almost anything on its main deck to carry what it takes to be delivered. Different with SPOB, that can only carry liquid cargo or even bulk carrier vessel that couldn't carry heavy equipment. A landing craft tank will be the perfect investment form for the logistics company that needs to deliver to archipelago countries and small scale of delivery. When it comes to delivering container or cargo in bulk, the bigger vessel will help to minimize the cost because of the effect of the economy of scales.

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