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SPOB 1000 KL -  Ratson Ship Building
SPOB 1000 KL

54.50 x 10.50 x 05.10 meters

New Build

2 x 659 HP YANMAR Marine 6AYM-WET (M-rating) @ 1,900 rpm

12 Months Lead Time

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Landing Craft 34 Meter Passenger -  Ratson Ship Building
Landing Craft 34 Meter Passenger

34.00 x 07.00 x 02.40 meters

New Build

2 x 350 HP Marine Diesel Engine

8 months Lead Time

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SPOB 120 KL -  Ratson Ship Building

26 x 5.50 x 1.60 meters

New Build

1 x 405 HP YANMAR 6HA2M-WDT @ 1,950 rpm

6 months lead time

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Landing Craft 39 Meters Passenger -  Ratson Ship Building
Landing Craft 39 Meters Passenger

39.50 x 10.00 x 03.00

New Build


10 months lead time

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SPOB 2500 KL -  Ratson Ship Building
SPOB 2500 KL

75.52 x 74.00 x 15.00 Meters

New Build

2 units @ 829 HP Yanmar Type 6A YM-ETE/1900 rpm

12 to 15 months lead time

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SPOB 600 KL -  Ratson Ship Building

47.50 x 09.00 x 03.60 Metres

New Build

2 units Yanmar Marine Engine 6HA2M-WDT 405 HP, 1.950 Rpm (new engine)

10 to 12 Months Lead Time

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Perusahaan Galangan Kapal Landing Craft Indonesia yang Berpengalaman

Ratson sudah berdiri sejak tahun 1991. Memulai sebagai perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang perdagangan industri, Ratson berevolusi menjadi perusahaan galangan kapal yang berfokus pada pembuatan landing craft tank, tanker, feri, dan variasinya. Perjalanan ke depan membutuhkan efisiensi, teknologi yang ramah lingkungan, dan komitmen akan kualitas fabrikasi, hal inilah yang menjadi prioritas Ratson dalam membangun setiap kapal untuk anda.


Keamanan dan Kesempurnaan diatas segalanya

Ratson selalu memberikan design dan membangun kapal terbaik untuk setiap proyeknya. Dengan mengutamakan efisiensi dan optimalisasi fungsi kapal, Ratson menjamin keunggulannya dalam membangun kapal landing craft tank, tanker, dan feri yang ramah lingkungan.

Pengalaman adalah faktor penting dalam dunia perkapalan. Setiap komitmen Ratson selalu terlukiskan dari kapal yang dibangun. Silahkan KLIK DISINI untuk menghubungi kami dan kunjungi galangan kami.

Shipbuilding Shipyard in Indonesia


Starting the journey as a shipyard, Ratson chose to specialize in low-draft vessel such as Landing Craft Tanks, Self-Propelled Oil Barge, Ferries, and other variations.

The commitment to the quality of shipbuilding built by Ratson has attracted the attention of companies, both private and government owned companies, even in the foreign countries.

Striking up from the open market, Ratson began his business as a shipyard with an international target market, especially in the Asia Pacific region. The dream of Ratson itself does not stop at building ships but continues to expand its services to ship docking and repair services.

With more than 15 years experience, Ratson was supported by the best naval architects and partners to serve the needs of vessel shipbuilding and repair in Asia Pacific.

At present, Ratson has become a shipyard capable to build steel and aluminium vessels. No longer limited to shallow water draft vessels, Ratson is ready to build a high-speed vessel such as speedboat, rescue boat, or even patrol boat. With the available capacity and facility, Ratson is confident to handle variety of requests ranging from building new vessel, docking and repair vessel, even buying and selling second-hand vessels.

About Ratson Shipbuilding

Ratson has been established since 1991. Starting as a company engaged in industrial trade, Ratson evolved into a shipyard company that focuses on making landing craft tanks, self propelled oil barge, ferries, tug boats, and its variations. Not only that, but Ratson also provides ship docking and repair services. Since then, Ratson has continued to serve the construction of new high-quality ships and docking & repairs needs with punctuality.

Ratson is supported by professional naval architects from the best naval architect universities in Indonesia. Ratson’s commitment to quality in production can be seen from the design and detailed calculations for each order of the ship.

Ratson understands that the journey ahead requires efficiency, environmentally friendly technology, and commitment to quality fabrication, this is Ratson’s priority in building every ship for you.

Focusing on each client, Ratson understands the importance of your business value in terms of the time required for ship docking and repair. The timeliness of repairing ships while maintaining its quality has always been an advantage of Ratson compared to other shipyards.

For more than 15 years, Ratson has continued to move forward to provide the best service and provide a variety of services from the available facilities. Ratson shipyard is one of your best choices for custom shipbuilding in Indonesia as well as docking and repair vessels up to 5000 DWT in size. Ratson, a trusted quality partner.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a reputable shipyard in the Asia Pacific that prioritizes quality to maximize customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build IACS quality vessels at a competitive price and provide a responsive and targeted services, as well as prioritizing customer satisfaction by providing warranty and after-sales service.

Why Choose Us

Naval architect

  • Supported by naval architects from the best state universities.
  • Every design is qualified and calculated correctly.


  • Timeliness of both construction and repair work
  • Completeness of documents and permits required
  • Communicate responsively


  • Prioritize the quality of work
  • Provide a 1-year warranty

After sales service

  • Maintaining relationships with customers
  • Helping customer needs well after contract completion
  • Assisting in the replacement of spare parts and other


  • Using new material
  • Maintaining material quality
  • Ensuring material quality before use

Building and repairing process

  • The process of using technology to minimize human error
  • Use a qualified workforce
  • Use certified equipment


  • Ready to become a business partner in the maritime field
  • Ready to share a mutually beneficial connection


  • Doing business honestly and transparently to maintain customer trust
  • Every process and result can be observed and seen clearly

Shipyard Highlights

  1. Complete legal documents
  2. 24 hours security
  3. Complete and supporting equipment
  4. Accuracy of service time
  5. Custom design
  6. Transparent performance