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Landing Craft Tank (LCT)? A Cheap Vessel?

 March 03, 2018

Based on its image, landing craft tank (LCT) can be categorized as a cheap vessel compares to a luxurious yacht and bulk carrier which can carry a lot of volume at once. On the other hand, landing craft tank was built not for the luxurious purpose but rather aimed to be the champion for shallow water area and hard to access area.

In fact, based on its function, landing craft tank (LCT) is a shallow water draft vessel which used for delivering various things; both solid and liquid cargo. In addition, it can be used to ship heavy equipment such as a bulldozer, loader, dump truck, and many others in the areas that could not be accessed by other vessels.

Is Landing Craft Tank (LCT) a cheap vessel? It could only be answered by the benefit that LCT provide for your industry.

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