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Types of Passenger Vessel

 December 12, 2019

A passenger vessel is a vessel that categorized as a merchant ship. Merchant ship itself is a trading purpose vessel which mainly used for transporting cargo or passenger for hire, different with a vessel for personal recreation use or military use. The design of the merchant ship focuses on the capacity to carry cargo and passenger, while passenger vessel is mainly focused on carrying a passenger. Therefore, most of the passenger vessel can only transport mail, package freight and express, or other small cargo in addition to the passenger luggage.

There are several types of passenger vessel. First is a ferry. As we all know, a ferry is a day to day vessel that transport passengers as well as the vehicle. Any vessel that could transport 40 to 600 passengers is usually categorized as a ferry. The sailing route of ferries is short and can be reached overnight. The model is also varied starting with a catamaran, Ro-Ro, pontoon ferry, hydrofoil, hovercraft, even a landing craft tank with passenger modification can also be considered as a ferry. This type of vessel mostly owned by the government or any private company that wants to provide public sea transport services.

Second, we have an ocean liner. A little bit different from ferries, ocean liners mostly used to transport the passenger and also cargo. Usually, the ocean liner is equipped with 1,500 to 2,000 passenger seats. An ocean liner also often used for longer lines voyages across sea or oceans like intercontinental travel. The design of this vessel is to focus on speed to reach the destination faster. However, since the voyages take not just 1 or 2 days, most ocean liners also have several facilities such as swimming pools, sports halls, and saloons.

Third, we have a cruise ship. A cruise ship is a passenger vessel for pleasure purpose and it can carry thousands of passengers on board. To serve its purpose the cruise ship is equipped with all the attractions, luxury, and amenities that help all the passengers to have recreation on it. The onboard facilities are much more complete compared to an ocean liner. For example, restaurants, bars, theater, fitness center, mall, ballrooms, swimming pools, even casinos and discos. Many people consider a cruise ship as a floating resort because of all those facilities. In terms of sailing route, a cruise ship has a shorter sailing route compare to ocean liners and often stops along coastlines or islands. Most of the time, a cruise ship takes a round trip for a week.

Passenger vessel also subjects to IMO regulation. Many incidents in the past led to the safety improvement for building a passenger vessel. There are many requirements that have to be met, for example, escape routes, fire protection systems, etc. Not just on the technical side, large passenger vessel also produce a large amount of waste, therefore, passenger vessel also need to follow regulations on garbage and sewage management such as in the MARPOL 73/78. Furthermore, different types of passenger vessel also need to follow different regulation.

In conclusion, there are 3 types of passenger vessel which are ferries, ocean liner, and cruise ship. Most of the time, people also includes a yacht as one of the passenger vessel. Every type has its own purpose and designed specifically to meet its purpose. Choose the best types of vessels to maximize your business.

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