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Marine Diesel Engine as the main operation working

 November 01, 2019

The marine diesel engine is an important part of the vessel operation. Marine engine has many working components which every different components influence the design but same function remains. It has an essential role for vessel working which contains many working parts of marine engine. It is typically different from car engine on its uses portion of the horsepower. The car on the road, but for marine diesel engine it is very essential to be full throttle moving in the water and has to be heavy-duty to keep the stable.

The marine diesel engine is used for main propulsion. It also provides auxiliary power for marine vehicles. Marine engines burn fuel, then convert it into mechanical to generate thermal energy.

Caused the marine engine has a heavy-duty working, it is prone to breakdown and leading to the maritime accident. So the marine engine should be secured and enhanced the reliability by imperative monitoring the marine engine condition.

To reach the above purpose, the condition-based monitoring (CBM) of marine engine is installed and maintenance strategy continually by monitoring the status of marine engines in real-time using monitoring system

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