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How Much You Know About Special Survey?

 September 28, 2018

Special Survey often called by class renewal. This happens because of every vessel under a specific classification will has a class renewal every 5 years. The renewal includes several processes together with the drydocking period of the fifth year. Therefore, the special survey is often called by class renewal because this survey is used to do the class renewal. There are so many types of the survey as mentioned below

1. Intermediate Survey
2. Special Survey
3. Bottom/ Docking Survey of the Hull
4. Tailshaft Survey
5. Boiler Survey
6. Machinery Survey
7. Annual Survey
8. Etc.

Depending on the size, age, type of the vessel, as well as the condition of the vessel, the time needed to complete the survey may be varied. The renewal class consists the most of items to survey compare to other surveys and it may take weeks to complete the whole process. On the other hand, the intermediate survey is an only half way between the special survey and take only half of the time to complete the whole process which includes examination and checking the general condition of the vessel to meet the rule's requirement.

The class renewal process consists of a lot of items. The item includes an extensive in-water examination as well as out-of-water examination. Those processes are necessary to ensure that the structure, the main engine, and the essential auxiliary machinery are meeting the rule's requirements. Furthermore, the systems and equipment of the vessel will also need to be verified. This process is necessary to be done in order to retain the classification of the vessel. Therefore, the class will need to reclassify if the condition of the vessel still meeting the class's standard.

Each vessel is subject to a through-life survey regime to ensure the seaworthiness of the vessel. In order to enforce this rules, there is a penalty for those who are not following their class renewal schedule. The class of the vessel that has not complete their class renewal by its due date will automatically be suspended. Therefore, if the vessel is still running under the suspended class, it will be considered illegal and can be captured. The suspension period will be effective until the vessel has complete their class renewal.

There are several exceptions can be given under special circumstances, that the class society gives the extension on the due date of the special survey. Maximum extension time given is only three months after the due date of the renewal class. After the vessel is completing the renewal class process, the next due date of the renewal class is 5 years after the due date before the extension time is given. Furthermore, the renewal class process can be done at the 4th annual survey for the completion of the at the 5th-anniversary date. Ensure to do the necessary survey to meets the classification rule before your class being suspended. This also helps to ensure the seaworthiness of the vessel to ensure the safety of the crew that sailing on the vessel.

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