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Landing Craft Tank (LCT) Specialization

 March 10, 2018

Every vessel holds its own specialization, so does a landing craft tank (LCT). There are so many types of vessel, starting with landing craft tank, fishing vessel, research vessel, general cargo, bulk carrier, ferry, even yacht and cruise and many others. All of them were created with the specific purpose of its own, how about landing craft? What is the specific purpose of landing craft tank? What is so great about landing craft tank and what is its specialization?

Landing craft tank is specially designed and made for the archipelago country and developing countries that have low infrastructure support. Designed with a low draft level, landing craft tank is able to berth anywhere and anytime its required to be. This is the reason why a landing craft tank also called a shallow water draft vessel. Furthermore, a landing craft tank is equipped with a ramp door which can be open to connect the vessel and the edge of the land where the vessel is berthing. By having these two advantages, a landing craft tank can access those areas which are untouched by the other type of vessel. This is the specialization of a landing craft tank.

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