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Landing Craft Tank Is Always Cargo Companies’ Favourite

 November 07, 2017

Landing Craft Tank (LCT) ships always got a wide and flat deck making it suitable for transporting tanks, warriors or logistic materials. In its modern development in war industry, this ship's deck can also be fitted with anti-air attack weapons, cannons and rocket launchers. Some of these ships are also used as mine sweepers.

Landing Craft Tank (LCT) vessels are widely used for commercial purposes since they are highly efficient for heavy cargo, bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, loaders and other heavy loaders indispensable for mining and construction work. In addition, large construction materials such as iron pipes, steel sheets, water tanks and so on can also be transported with Landing Craft Tank (LCT).

Cargo companies used Landing Craft Tank (LCT) vessels to transport goods to mining areas; especially those located on islands or remote areas; more efficient than using barges. This is because Landing Craft Tank (LCT) does not require a large port to land the goods. Landing Craft Tank (LCT) can perform loading and unloading almost anywhere.

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