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Landing Craft Tank in Indonesia

 November 07, 2017

The Landing Craft Tank, or what we call LCT, is a transport device for wars used to land war artillery to the coast or land. Because of the Landing Craft Tank (LCT) evolution, this type of ship is now evolving to accommodate the world of transportation and in Indonesia operates in waters and rivers as commercial vessels carrying large-sized loads or items (eg dump trucks, dozers, excavators, construction equipment, steel structure, boilers, turbine engines, rig equipment, transformers, project materials, etc.) to various parts of Indonesia, especially to mining areas or project sites located on islands or beaches and rivers.

Ordinary Landing Craft Tank (LCT) ship types are also used to substitute ferry boats for inter-island crossing / transport routes in Indonesia. Another function of Landing Craft Tank (LCT) is as a means of transporting liquid materials and fuel oil at the site of mining projects or for distribution to remote areas of Indonesia.

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