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Landing Craft Tank (LCT), The Origin of Existence

 October 18, 2016

Landing Craft - Tank or what people usually called “LCT” is originally an attacking ship / landing craft to land tanks and soldiers at the seaside, when other ships couldn’t do it. The ship began to emerge during World War II and was used by the British and US Navy at the time. The United Nations then used it for other purposes during the Korean and Vietnam War.

It was after the evacuation from Dunkirk, it could be concluded that the only way allied troops could fight in Europe was to land their forces straight on the shores of the continent. The proposal of Winston Churchill to build a ship or a vessel with capability of transporting tanks at once continued to joint efforts to design ships for "Joint Operations". The English constructors gathered in the mid-1940s and drew a draft which was subsequently produced by Hawthorn Leslie, to produce the first Landing Craft Tank (LCT) in 1940. This ship, Landing Craft Tank Mark 1 also known as LCT (1).

The Landing Craft Tank or LCT created by Hawthorn Leslie is produced in several configurations. The two types belong to the United States are the evolutional Mark V and VI. Landing Craft Tank (LCT) type Mark V only has a landing gear on the bow of the ship, while the Mark VI type has a landing gear in the bow and stern of the ship. Their size is much smaller than Landing Ship - Tank (or LST), the type of landing tank landing craft that is capable of transporting and launching LCTs. LCT is not armored and has only light weapons. Landing Craft Tanks are usually not given with any names, only numbers.

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